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 Sun/Oracle Disk Backplane  

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  Sun 370-5959


Sun V250 8-Slot SCSI Disk Backplane

Item #370-5959

Price $175 

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  Sun 375-3403
375-34034-Slot SAS Disk Backplane (SASBP2)
Item #375-3403

Price $150 

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  Sun 501-6335
501-63354-Slot SCSI Disk Backplane
Item #501-6335

Price $75 

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  Sun 501-7103
501-7103Sun 48-Slot SATA Disk Backplane
Item #501-7103

Price $750 

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  Sun 501-7322
501-7322FC-AL Backplane Assembly 


Mounting Bracket

Item #501-7322

Price $150 

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  Sun 501-7338
501-7338 4-Slot SCSI Disk Backplane
Item #501-7338

Price $95 

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  Sun 501-7503
501-75034-Slot Disk Backplane
Item #501-7503

Price $175 

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  Sun 501-7730
501-77308-Slot Disk Backplane, PATA DVD
Item #501-7730

Price $200 

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  Sun 501-7755
501-7755Sun T2000 4-Slot Disk Backplane
Item #501-7755

Price $125 

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  Sun 501-7760


Sun 16-Slot Disk Backplane

Item #501-7760

Price $225 

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  Sun 501-7797


Sun 8-Slot Disk Backplane, PATA DVD, RoHS:Y

Item #501-7797

Price $250 

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  Sun 511-1256
511-12568-Slot Disk Backplane, SATA DVD
Item #511-1256

Price $300 

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  Sun 540-7688
12-Slot Disk Backplane Assembly
371-364912-Slot Disk Backplane                  
Item #540-7688

Price $250 

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  Sun 541-0845
541-0845Disk Backplane Assembly, RoHS, M4000, M5000
Item #541-0845

Price $150 

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  Sun 541-3303
541-3303 Sun M3000 4 Slot Disk Backplane
Item #541-3303

Price $400 

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Entry-Level Servers 
  Sun Fire V125, RoHS:YL (125) 
  Sun Fire V215, RoHS:YL (215) 
  Sun Fire V245, RoHS:YL (245) 
  Sun Fire V445, RoHS:YL (A77) 
  Sun Fire X2100 M2, RoHS:YL (A84) 
  Sun Fire X2200 M2, RoHS:YL (A85) 
  Sun Fire X4100 M2, RoHS:YL (A86) 
  Sun Fire X4150, RoHS:YL (B13) 
  Sun Fire X4200 M2, RoHS:YL (A87) 
  Sun Fire X4450, RoHS:YL (B15) 
  Sun Fire X4500, RoHS:YL (A76) 
  Sun Fire X4600 M2, RoHS:YL (A67)  
  Sun Fire T1000, RoHS:YL (T10) 
  Sun Fire T2000, RoHS:YL (T20) 
  Sun SPARC Enterprise T1000, RoHS:YL (SEA) 
  Sun SPARC Enterprise T2000, RoHS:YL (SEB) 
  Sun SPARC Enterprise T5120 (SEC) 
  Sun SPARC Enterprise T5220 (SED)
  Sun SPARC enterprice T5240

 Midrange Servers 
  Sun Fire E2900, RoHS:YL 
  Sun Fire E4900
  Sun Fire E4900, RoHS:YL 
  Sun Fire E6900
  Sun Fire E6900, RoHS:YL
  Sun Fire V490 2100, RoHS:YL
  Sun Fire V490, RoHS:YL (A52) 
  Sun Fire V890 2100, RoHS:YL
  Sun Fire V890, RoHS:YL (A53) 
  Sun Fire V880 (A30) 
  Sun Fire V480 (A37) 
  Sun Fire 3800
  Sun Fire 4800
  Sun Fire 4810
 Other Entry-Level Servers 
  Sun Fire V100 (N19) 
  Sun Fire V120 (N25) 
  Sun Fire V20z (A55) 
  Sun Fire V210 (N31) 
  Sun Fire V210, RoHS:YL (N31) 
  Sun Fire V240 (N32) 
  Sun Fire V240, RoHS:YL
  Sun Fire V250 (A50) 
  Sun Fire V40z (A57) 
  Sun Fire V40z, RoHS:YL (A57) 
  Sun Fire V440 (A42) 
  Sun Fire V440, RoHS:YL (A42) 
  Sun Fire V60x (A48) 
  Sun Fire V65x (A48)