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LVN Systems LLC is a leader in IT services and hardware that combines the understanding of the technology industry and your business.
We strive to keep your data secure, and your equipment running properly. We can also manage all or part of your IT resources which will allow you to focus on whats important for your business development.
With our Support & Maintenance Solutions, you’ll have the best help desk and onsite hardware maintenance for all of your technology needs.
You will have a variety of coverage hours and response times to choose from, ranging from the next business day to 24hr coverage.
You’ll have access to our network of experienced technicians, and you will save money and time with the right support solutions that fits your schedule and needs.
We offer three Support Solutions that will meet your company’s specific requirements:

 -First is Onsite Service and Support, you will get a customized support package that includes parts stocked within 50 miles of your company—regardless of your geographical location. Our technicians will also be located within 50 miles, which means our response time will be faster than either in-house support or the equipment manufacturer’s support program. Our engineers answer the phone on the first call. You won’t be talking to an answering service, you won’t be handed off to someone, and you won’t have to wait hours or perhaps days for help. Our engineer troubleshoots your problem while you are on the phone. With our customized support and maintenance program, you’ll decrease the cost of doing business and increase productivity as you won’t have to wait for equipment replacement or for technicians coming from a great distance—they will always be within 50 miles, and they will always respond immediately after receiving the ticket.

 -Second is our procurement package. The traditional IT hardware procurement process takes too much of your IT people’s valuable time. They would be better employed on revenue-generating activities for your company. Through our vast partner network, we offer a Hardware Procurement Solution that delivers a centralized solution for making IT hardware purchases that will help you maximize the value of your IT investments. We have forged strategic relationships with our partners so that we can effectively meet our clients’ hardware procurement requirements. Our partner network can offer pricing advantages and warranty services to guarantee the right solution. We can also streamline the purchasing process so you get the most value from the hardware you purchase. Whether you require new or refurbished enterprise-class IT equipment, our partners can provide it.
 - Third is custom package were we ensure to meet your business goals. It is crucial that you keep your IT environment stable and running 24/7/365, often on a minimal budget. With a stable IT environment, you can add money to the bottom line by freeing up your valuable resources to administer your systems rather than maintain them.

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